As a student, Mr. Seegers learned to build sticks with his former teacher, Mr. Schober. What makes these sticks completely different from all other Picarde Timpani Products is the style of building and the materials used in the process. The style that goes back to old traditions from the 1900s in Hannover. We have fully succeeded in producing sticks that create the typical sound of Rainer’s romantic sound that has a clear tone and pitch. Each of the 5 felt pairs has a full forte sound that cannot make you overplay in Fortissimo and just as well give fantastic projection in Piano and Pianissimo.
In general, the bamboo is on the thinner side and never too heavy of weight, which enables the musician to determine him- or herself to be fully in control of what sounds come out.
The sticks have unusual construction of a very soft core with 3 layers of thin, tight felt in contrary to all of our other Series that contain sticks that are built with a hard core and gradually go softer up until the last layer.
The models genuinely capture the vision of Rainer’s who is always fully aware of the dynamics and power the timpani already have naturally. That is why the series are not built in a very pompous way but rather lean so there is never overkill of sound that could create either too much presence in the orchestra or give too much sound instead of tone.

The numerous recordings of Rainer’s playing either Brahms or Beethoven’s symphonies with flannel sticks are famous throughout the world. Rainer has always played with very few different pairs of flannel which we are now proud to offer you. The fabrics are personally selected by Rainer and after playing with them for a while, the silky soft surface appears to create the typical Seeger’s flannel sound. As with all the pairs of this series, the sticks get better along with use, which reminds one of Rainer’s famous sayings about flannel sticks: “The dirt makes the sound”.

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